Gebhardt Auctions LLC

Auction Services for Antiques, Household, Farm, Real Estate & More

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many items do I have to have for an auction?

A:You may have one item or an entire household.  We do onsite auctions as well as consignment auctions in a separate location. 

Q: Do I have to pay anything up front for an auction?

A: No,  all fees are taken out of the proceeds from the auction.  Commissions and costs vary according to the type of auction and the items you are having sold. Lyle or Mike can answer those questions personally for you.

Q:   How do I get ready for an auction?  

A:  First, DO NOT throw anything away.  Items you might consider worthless could bring you the most money.  Paper items, old calendars, advertising,  clothing, and much more can sometimes bring lots of dollars at auctions Call Lyle or Mike.  They will look at your items and they can tell you what to pitch and what to keep.  They will make a list and take pictures of the items so please don't help by boxing up items

Q:  When will I get paid for my items?

A:  It will take about 1 month from the date of the auction for you to receive payment.  All auctions are entered into an auction computer data base prior to final payment.